Europe’s fastest growing and best performing technology businesses choose to expand to the United States for one primary reason – access to opportunity.

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To succeed in the world’s largest economy is both a challenging and rewarding endeavor. It will require a paradigm shift as those things that worked in Europe often don't work in the US. Many areas will be significantly different such as distribution channels, legal requirements, pricing strategies, user requirements, buying processes and culture. Not necessarily better, just different.

It is critical when planning to enter the US market that you have experienced and trusted guidance to understand the market, address the many differences and develop a comprehensive plan for entry and success. The right plan can lead to incredible growth for your company, while a poor and badly executed strategy can potentially cripple it.



Your European go-to-market (GTM) strategy is geared to a very different market to the US. To successfully place your brand and services in the US market, you will need to center your efforts on the concerns of your new target audience, surfacing a compelling value proposition and ensuring that this is communicated effectively across the optimum channels.

A US GTM strategy to drive your expansion will require access to and coordination with existing staff and resources, so the education and commitment of your board, executive team and staff will be critical as you establish a motivated and skilled US team to execute.


To ignite your expansion, you will need an individual or core team to preserve the company culture and ensure brand consistency in the US. You will also need a trusted and experienced US partner who has done this before.

You’ll face the team aspects of recruiting, developing policies, setting up payroll and benefits, coupled with establishing the company as a legal entity and selecting an office environment.

The implementation of the business plan, GTM strategy and budget, in addition to strengthening the link and integration with your European business, has to be regular, deliberate and effectively managed.


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