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Unleash the power of marketing for startup growth

Funding demands a solid marketing strategy and a skilled team to get you to the next level. There is little room for error, so you need an experienced partner to ensure you get it right the first time.

Expand successfully into the US from Europe

The US is a compelling opportunity for European tech startups and established players. To navigate the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls you need a trusted and experienced partner.

Augment your marketing team with project services

Increase the speed and impact of your team with a skilled marketing partner. Elevate your messaging development, campaign effectiveness, team skills, technology capabilities and more.


Glenn Conradt has over 20 years of experience in managing technology businesses and leading marketing teams in the US, Europe and Africa.

Glenn started his career as a technical programmer and consultant in South Africa. After running a software company there, he moved to the US where his passion for technology and business development found a home in leading product management and marketing teams in both startups and large tech companies. He has also led the successful expansion of European companies into the US.

Glenn is a passionate and persuasive marketer, credible communicator, skilled cross-functional collaborator, strategic thinker and trusted team player who embraces challenges, facilitates change, actively pursues continuous improvement and inspires others to join and enjoy the journey together.

"Glenn is a savvy business leader possessing a unique combination of technical, marketing and business development expertise coupled with enormous charm and quick wit. His blend of skills, character, and personality make him an incredibly agile and valuable individual. He has an ability to transform the brand and messaging from an emphasis on the technology to a focus on solving business problems for customers."

Cory Brown
VP of Sales, Xanalys
"I have come to know Glenn as a very professional and competent marketer. He is analytical, structured and goal driven. He has an unequivocal sales and customer orientation. Glenn also loves technology and uses it to constantly improve processes and results. He thinks strategically but also has a hands-on mentality. As a leader, Glenn is fair-minded and very loyal to his team."

Sheila Moghaddam Ghazvini
Director, CoreMedia